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Category Archives for Search Engine Optimization

Keyword Density in Metatags

Q:  Could you tell me how the right percentage of keywords in my meta tags?Reece A:  Hi Reece!  Great question!  Actually, there are three primary of metatags to consider. A metatag

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SEO Companies

Q:  Do you use a SEO service? Kathy A:  Hi Kathy– No, I don't use an SEO service.  I did hire one about 6 years ago, but the info that they found for me in a keyword search

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Google Fight

First of all, this site has no official affiliation with Google, although it uses the Google search engine in the "fight."  While I don’t endorse the metaphor they use for GoogleFight

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I’m #1 on Google!

I just Googled the term "internet marketing virtual assistant" and discovered that my online business manager site,, is #1 in organic results for that term.  Pretty

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Web Page Analyzer

Want to know how your website looks to a search engine?  How about the effectiveness of your meta tags?  What about the keyword density on your home page?  If you want to get started with

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