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Seeking Outsourcing Advice for Membership Site

Q:  How do you outsource a fixed membership site?

A:  Hi Angie — Great question, as membership sites eat up much of your time!  I'm going to speak to a fixed-term membership site, as that's what I think you're asking about.  There are a number of ways to outsource the components of a fixed membership site.

1.  Graphics and web site design — need someone experienced in graphic design and/or simple web site design.  One person may be able to do both, or you may need to seek 2 people for this job.  This person will also need to upload your content to your site.

2.  Sales letter copy – You'll need an experienced copywriter for this, but a copywriter can't work in the dark. You have to be able to articulate enough about your site so that s/he can write copy appropriately.

3.  Content of the course — You'll need an experienced content writer for this. However, like the sales letter, this outsourcer has to have some direction about what you want to create in the course.

4.  Set up of shopping cart — You'll need to pick a way for visitors to pay for their membership, whether that's through Clickbank, Paypal, or a shopping cart and seek someone with the skill set of the payment choice you select.

5.  Set up of email optin and autoresponder systems — You'll need to pick an email marketing software program and find someone who has experience in setting up that program and uploading the components of the course in that program.

6.  Promotion of your site — You'll need to find an outsourcer with experience in whatever promotional techniques you want to use to promote your site, whether that's press release writing, article marketing, blogging, social networking, video marketing, etc.

My most reliable outsourcing site is  You can post an outsourcing job and have freelancers from all over the world apply to help you.  Simply review the responses and pick the one that seems to best suit your needs.  My graphic designer, audio editor, and video editor are all people I met through oDesk.

Another great option is, which trains Internet Marketing Virtual Assistants. They offer several certifications, as well, so you can browse their directory and search for specific skill sets.

Good luck in the launch of your membership site!

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