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Sleepless Days and Sleepless Nights

I’m beginning to think I have hurricane PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder).  I haven’t slept well at all since returning from my hurricane evacuation, and I’m continuing to have dreams that I have to evacuate again. 

The other night I dreamed that I ran a non-functioning stoplight and awoke with a start, since I almost hit another car in my dream.  Many of the stoplights still aren’t working here in Beaumont, and so the Police Department has erected portable 4-way stop signs that sit in the middle of the interesection.  Sometimes, when you’re distracted, you don’t remember to stop, or if the sign has been blown down and you’re not familiar with the street, you’re not aware that you should stop.  This issue has been the cause of several serious auto accidents lately in the Golden Triangle.  Hopefully, my dream won’t become reality for me anytime soon..:)

I guess eventually this, too, shall pass…:)

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