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The Price You Pay for Acting the Fool

Unlike my mother, my father was a little more direct with my siblings and me when we were misbehaving in public.  Rather than my mother’s “Stop showing your butt!”, we would be hit with another

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Your 7-Step Year-End Social Media Audit

Social media continues to increase in popularity, so it’s probably time for you to do a social media audit. Don’t let the word “audit” freak you out. Social media audits aren’t

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Linkedin Marketing: 5 Secrets to Syndicating Your Articles on Linkedin Groups

One area of LinkedIn Marketing and content syndication that I’ve overlooked until recently is sharing my content on the social networking platform, LinkedIn. In all honesty, I’ve never been very

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Custom Facebook Page: 3 Most Important Apps to Feature on Your Business Page

How have you been using your custom Facebook page for your business? Is it helping your grow you business and make the connections you want to make? If not, it may be due to not taking advantage of Facebook

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Increase Facebook Fans: 10 Killer Posting Tips to Enhance Fan Engagement

Now that you have a Facebook business page, how do you maximize your Facebook marketing and  increase Facebook fans and enhance your fan engagement? Simple.  You  want to get people talking about you

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