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Software to Build a Website

Q:  From a marketing perspective, which website tool (i.e., free CMS like Joomla/Drupal or Dreamweaver/Microsoft Visual Studio) is best for creating a site for a solopreneur?

Hi Jo–

If I were starting from scratch, I'd use either a blogsite or a CMS management system to create my website.  Why?  Because both options signal the search engines when new info is added to come and index the new material.  This happens much more quickly than on a traditional, static website.

Here's an article I've written about blogsites that might help you out: You can have a blogsite designed for around $350. 

Regardless of what platform you choose, you need to be mindful of keywords in the titles of your posts, as the title of a post is what the search engine will index.  If you choose to create additional static pages to add to the site, be mindful of keywords in both the name or your page as well as the headline of your page.

IMHO, a WordPress blog has a much slighter learning curve than CMS software.  If you hire someone to customize a WordPress template for you (as noted above), the learning curve is further reduced, since all you have to do is enter new info/posts in a Word-like interface.

Good luck on creating your new site!

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