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SpeedRank Your Videos

Do you have a video about your business that’s gathering dust on your desktop PC because you have no idea what to with it?  Or, do you have a video that’s been sitting on Youtube for 9 months and only has 20 views?

Now you can take advantage of combining YouTube and SEO and boost your Google ranking for your relevant keywords.

That’s right — your video can show up in Google for your keywords!

Take a look at the image below — doesn’t the listing with the video stand out over the others?  Wouldn’t you check that one out first?

What if that were your video on the first page of Google under a search for your preferred keyword?

Many people think they can just make a video and upload it to YouTube and they’re done. However, videos that have not had any “SEO magic” used upon them will not rank or be seen by anyone. YouTube and SEO must go hand in hand for videos to be found and for them to be seen.

When this “SEO magic” is applied to your videos, you’ll rank higher on the major search engines and cause you to get more free YouTube traffic, as well as traffic to your site.

Now, you can get your video (and your business) found on Google by using one of your primary keyword phrases with our SpeedRank Your Video service.

Usually I charge $147 for this service, but if you’d like to get your video ranked high in Google, I’m offering a holiday special of $97, a savings of $50! 

You do have to supply the video — this doesn’t include having a video made.

In order to take advantage of this special, you’ll need to use coupon code HOHOHO12.  This special expires on Friday, Dec. 28, or at 10 orders, whichever comes first.

Use the coupon code when in the shopping cart under Referrer Code when you check out. This discount will appear when you’re taken to the screen to review your order.

If you’d like my team to Speed Rank your video, you can buy your slot here.

About the Author Donna Gunter

Best-selling author Donna Gunter works with successful business owners who are experts in their fields and established in their industry and are seeking a way to stand out from their competitors. Using her Ideal Clients on Autopilot System©, she helps them determine the exact strategies to generate more qualified leads and better-paying clients with automated systems. This proven system makes all their marketing easier and more effective and they find themselves positioned as the only choice for their clients.

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