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Squeeze Pages

Another idea I’ve decided to explore of late is that of a squeeze page.  I’m experiencing increased traffic to my website, but my conversion rate isn’t as high as I would like.  I come to the conclusion that I need a more enticing call to action than what is on my website currently, so I’m creating a new, more full-featured tool-kit that I’m going to value at $79 but give away free of charge to those who will subscribe to my newsletter.  I’m packaging this giveaway in a squeeze page, named thusly because a visitor has to part with some contact info (or having his contact info squeezed out of him) in order to get to the content he desires.

While the strategy may be a turnoff for some, I think it will help me reach more qualified traffic, since the visitor had to take an action to get some info, which shows some interest on his part in what I have to offer.  Website visitors tend to look for free info, and I’d like to eliminate some of the "tire" kickers from my database.

The prototype of the page can be found at

As of this date (3-8-06), the page isn’t completed so it isn’t working properly.  I should have it finished by 3-15-06 or so.  However, I’d appreciate any and all feedback (good, bad, or ugly). Just drop your comments in the box below.

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