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Taking Time Off

This will be my last blog post for this month, as I'm taking next week
off as a birthday treat to myself.  I turn 46 next Wednesday. 
Wasn't I just 39 yesterday?? LOL  Or, perhaps I can say I'm
celebrating my 7th annual 39th birthday..<g>.

I prefer low-key vacations, so most of it
I'll spend at home doing things I don't normally have time to do, like
potting some plants, finishing a few books, and cleaning out my office
(yes, I know this doesn't sound like a fun vacation task, but I get
great joy out of decluttering my living space <g>).  I think Eric
and I may head overnight to Galveston for my birthday celebration and
eat at two of our fav restaurants, Gaido's Seafood and Mogul (Indian
cuisine) in Clear Lake.

We haven't been to the coast since Hurricane
Ike landed in SE Texas last September, so I want to see how Galveston is
recovering and throw some much-needed business to some of my favorite
shops and restaurants there.  And, it'll be fun to be at the beach,
as well!

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