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Taking Risks

This past weekend I drove to the "Jewel of the Forest" (aka my hometown of Jasper — the slogan was the idea of the Chamber of Commerce) to take my mom out to celebrate Mother’s Day. Instead of the nice restaurant dinner I had envisioned, my mom, who orders the same thing every time we go out (chicken strips) wanted to take some food to my brother and sister-in-law, who are gutting and renovating her house.  So, we did the drive-thru at Church’s Fried Chicken instead for our Mother’s Day feast..LOL  And, yes, the main course was chicken strips.

Houston My brother and sister-in-law are getting ready to relocate to the big city of Houston.  Neither of them have ever lived anywhere else other than the Jasper area in their lives.  That’s pretty amazing for me to contemplate, as I aspired to leave Jasper as soon as I was able, but managed to get only 1.5 hours away for college at age 18, but then moved to another state for grad school, and then to a foreign country (well, to Texans, Massachusetts IS a foreign country <g>) to take my first professional job. My brother, 38, and my sister-in-law, 35, are eagerly chomping at the bit for this grand new life adventure.

It takes a great amount of courage to shake up your life and get out of your comfort zone. I should know — I’m the queen of shaking up my own life! LOL…  I’m confident that they will enjoy this new life experience and will later wonder what took them so long…:)

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