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Teleseminar Technology Troubles

For the first time ever, my teleseminar technology failed me.  I always record the monthly teleclass I offer to the members of and have been using my teleconference phone provider to record the calls.   However, last week, despite my having heard an audio confirmation that the call was being recorded, it was nowhere to be found when I logged into my account..:(.

I panicked, thinking that it would be boring for me to record the call without an audience.  I then remembered that I had wanted to test the  Instant Teleseminar technology, so I signed up for a $1 test drive and offered that teleclass again this past Tuesday using their bridgeline.  I like that this service offers the ability to show my presentation on their web presenter software, as well as the ability for people who have to pay long distance fees (or are outside the US) to listen to the call via the web, thus eliminating international toll call fees.

Everything went well (except that the web presenter didn’t work), but I got my recording.  Hooray!  The participants could download the handout from the website, so there wasn’t much lost by not being able to use the web presenter.

Best of all, the service makes 2 backups of the recording, so it’s seems pretty fool-proof, at least as the call recording is concerned.  Now we just have to work on that web presenter..;->

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