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The Big Chill

I’m very happy to report that my corner of Southeast Texas managed to escape the Big Chill of 2007.  Ten years ago, almost to the day, this area was hit with an ice storm like hadn’t ever been seen in this area.  The accumulation of ice snapped power poles like toothpicks, toppled trees, and made for lots of yard cleanup from the downed branches.  The area was also without power for almost a week (almost 2 in some places), so I hear that no heat and no hot showers and no running water made for some very cranky residents.  Fortunately, I didn’t live here at the time, so I missed out on all the fun..:). 

Don’t get me wrong –it’s cold now (for us, at least!).  However, after living through Hurricane Rita, I’m certainly glad I haven’t had to go through another another freakish storm — once is quite enough for me!

As I mentioned last week, I’ve been enrolled as an alumnus in Michael Port’s Product Factory program, mainly as motivation to get my new book completed.  I’ve got the site up but it’s not quite ready for the big reveal..:)

So, in this week’s article, I thought I’d tell you about the info product creation process.  It was handy to have a coaching program to nudge me along the way — I find that I’m seldom accountable to just me..LOL.

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Best-selling author Donna Gunter works with successful business owners who are experts in their fields and established in their industry and are seeking a way to stand out from their competitors. Using her Ideal Clients on Autopilot System©, she helps them determine the exact strategies to generate more qualified leads and better-paying clients with automated systems. This proven system makes all their marketing easier and more effective and they find themselves positioned as the only choice for their clients.

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