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The Power of Girlfriends

I’ve been a Donna-come-lately to the hit HBO show, Sex in the City. I never had the chance to watch it when it originally aired, but have been an ardent fan since it’s been airing in reruns on TBS. The show is a poignant statement about the relationship between men and women, but what I love even more about the show is the relationship and friendship between the four main characters, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte. What and who they dish while having breakfast and lunch is quite insightful. Don’t we all wish we had friends who were that available to us?

In this world in which we can communicate 24/7 via email, fax, pagers, and cell phones, I think we have lost the art of true communication, community, and establishing relationships. Despite all of these modern conveniences, we seem to be lonelier than ever and desperately seeking ways to make connections with each other. I’m secretly envious of the galpal relationship that these characters have, as I’ve not been that successful in establishing those relationships in my own life with others who are in close proximity to me.

My good friends are located back in places where I used to live, so it makes it difficult to drop by for a chat or invite someone over to dinner. I know many people locally, but see them more as business acquaintances than friends. I know I’m one of those people who is hungering for connectedness, but in a metropolitan area of 600,000, seem to be unable to find it very easily.

I’m in something of a unique situation in that I’m a 40-something woman without any children or significant other and without any family close by. Other women my age are completely immersed in their children’s lives, taking care of their parents, or welcoming new grandchildren, so it appears that establishing and maintaining friendships aren’t a high priority on their lists. So, my galpals and guypals that I have at a distance become even more important to me and help me maintain my sanity..:)

I’m not sure I know what the answer is to establishing strong friendships, except to remain open to the possibilities. And, if you’re in the vicinity and want to do lunch and dish, let me know..:)

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