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There’s No Value in Free

On Tuesday I was
quickly reminded that there's no value in fr*ee., a service that I love
and depend upon to help me update my social networking site statuses,
disappeared, with no warning and no notice.  Fortunately, by the end of the
day, it had reappeared, and I understand that the disappearance had something to
do with a foul up in their hosting (or maybe domain registration) at

This situation
forced me to look at other services that I use at no charge and wonder what
would happen if they, too, disappeared?  Can I trust them to be there
tomorrow to store my data, synchronize my calendar, or help me with social

In some cases,
there isn't a comparable fee-based service that would permit me to access what I
receive at no charge.  And, paying a fee for something is also no guarantee
that it won't disappear overnight, as well. However, I'd hedge my bets in favor
of the service that charges a fee.  At least I know that they have money
coming in somehow..LOL

What fr*ee
services are you depending on to run your business?  What's your backup if
they cease to exist?

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