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To 10 Signs You’re Made to Be an Entrepreneur

I just read a very amusing top 10 list by author and blogger, Fred Glatzon, "Fred’s Top Ten Signs You’re Made to Be an Entrepreneur".  I can’t relate to all of them, but definitely recognize myself in the following:

7. You are always looking for and/or seeing economic opportunity everywhere and in everything. While at a concert, you occupy yourself by estimating the evening’s take and its gross margins instead of listening to the music.

That one is me to a "T".  My favorite (any most annoying <g>) question that I ask is, "How are they making any money at this?", whether I’m at an art-house movie, a festival, or in a new store.

6. You spend more time and energy looking for easier, faster, cheaper, more effective ways of accomplishing something than if you just did the task outright.

Well, duh, figuring out a better way to do it is MUCH more fun than doing it..LOL

And, then there’s the #1 reason:

1. When you project future earnings, your spreadsheet shows that by Year 5, you can buy
Argentina and sell it to

Aren’t you always looking for the next big thing? :) And, a way to make your biz more profitable??

Lazyway_1Knowing that I don’t want to work very hard any longer (and being very lazy is at my core <g>) made Fred’s book, The Lazy Way to Success, very appealing to me right now.  The web copy says that it "teaches you how to use your laziness constructively to find smart solutions as opposed to working long and hard."  Now, that I find very fitting for the "new" way I want to do business.  I think the book’s core message is that if you’re doing what you love, you’ll never be working a day in your life, to paraphrase a famous quote.

LastholidayI seem to be on a kick to work less and be lazier, with my recent article on reinventing my business, and then the exercise I completed on what I would change in my biz and my life, knowing what I know now. This past weekend I watched the movie Last Holiday and could relate to the main character’s (Georgia Byrd) regret that she had not lived any of her dreams that she recorded in her "Book of Possibilities".  I realized that I’m working waaay too hard and not playing enough.  What if I were given only 3 weeks to live?  Would I be die happy, knowing that I lived life to the fullest? 

Georgia discovered what she loved by following her wildest dreams (and cashing in her bonds and IRA to finance the venture).  While I don’t recommend such a drastic measure, I do wonder what each of us can do to follow our dreams in our own way so that we no longer feel we’re working?

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