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Too Much Connectivity?

Eric had his gaming pals over a week or so ago, and I got a great deal of
amusement from them, although they had no clue why.  Most of them are
mid-20s to mid-30s, so that makes Eric the geezer of the group, and I'm most
certainly the grandma, as I'm always the oldest person in the house when they
visit (sigh).  What happened to the days when I used to be the baby of any
group that I hung out with??? LOL

They sat around our dining room table playing an agricultural board game. 
Between turns, each of them were busily texting other people on their cell
phones.  One of them, in fact, was giving his Friendfeed pals a
play-by-play update with photos about the progress of the game.

Is it too much to ask of someone any more to actually pay attention to your
company when they show up in person to visit?  I don't think anyone in this
group was actually offended by the actions of the others, but I found it
terribly funny that here they were, face-to-face after not seeing each other for
several weeks, and they spent more time texting friends who weren't present
rather than spending time with those who were.

I guess I'm showing my age to find the irony in this.  Sad to say, in
another 20 years or so, this will become the norm.  Some days I long for
the days prior to cell phones, texting, and emails (yes, I do remember that
time).  I realize I'm biting the technology hand that enables me to have a
business, but I'm not always convinced that constant connectivity is good and
healthy for the human race.

Guess that means I'll hold out on upgrading my 6-year-old cell phone (which
doesn't permit texting or picture-taking — gasp!) for another year or so. 
I'm in no hurry to add yet another way for technology to intrude into my

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