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Tracking Free Chapter Requests via aWeber

Q:  One of my clients wants to share a chapter of his eBook with his readers. He’d like to track who clicks through for the chapter and wants to set it up so the reader clicks on the link in his ezine and it responds with an email with the pdf attached. We use aweber for his ezine and I can’t find anywhere where I can just set up the pdf to attach like this. The easiest way I can figure is to create a one banana site with the info and give the readers a link to it. The only problem with that is his webmaster hasn’t given me access to the main server for his website. I only have text access to some of the existing pages. My client works on a MAC so is reluctant to buy a site at godaddy since they only work with PC’s. I’m frustrated as I can’t find the solution for him. What do you suggest I do in this situation? There must be a “work around” when the webmaster is too slow.

Virtual Assistant Donna

A:  All is not lost, Donna!  In aWeber, you’ll have to set up a separate autoresponder list for this, and you are able to send out attachments with autoresponders messages, unlike other autoresponder programs.  You’ll need to create another list and give the list a name.  In order for this to work from his ezine, you’ll need make the email address for the list, i.e., a clickable link in the ezine.

When the reader clicks on the email link, a blank email address to the list address will come up in the email program, and the reader will simply send out the email from his email program.

If you have double opt-in turned on in your client’s account, the reader will get a confirmation message asking him to opt-in to the list before getting the email with the attachment.

In the Followup Messages section, you’ll need to create an immediate followup message that contains some text as well as the chapter attachment.

In the email broadcast, you’ll need to turn on the click tracking feature, and you’ll want to do this for the followup autoresponder as well.

Once you do this, your client will have a list of people who’ve requested the chapter.  This is a ready-made list of people who have a higher probability of purchasing his book..;)

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