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How to Find Participants for Your Survey

Q:  My client wants to find some services that allow us to send a survey to people that the service already has in a database (probably similar to a mailing list service).  Since the book was just published,

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Feeling Out of Balance?

If you need some motivation to get yourself in gear, check out my colleague Jennifer Britton’s Virtual Retreats.  Here’s what she says about them: On Saturday February 17th I will be

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Doing Business in Your Bathrobe

Aahhh, the joy of working from home and doing business in your bathrobe.  I’m guilty as charged and have been doing precisely that since 1999.  And, truthfully, that is the reason you’ll

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10 Offline Tightwad Marketing Strategies to Help You Get More Clients

Several years ago, in response to client requests for no-cost or low-cost marketing techniques, I coined the term "tightwad marketing".  My definition of tightwad marketing is the art of

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10 Deadly Website Mistakes Made by Service Business Owners

I’m online for much of my business day, which means I get to visit many, many websites in the process of helping my clients learn how they get more clients online.  I’m also asked to

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