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Video Marketing: How to Use YouTube to Boost Your Web Site’s SEO Rankings

Video Marketing: How to Use YouTube to Boost Your Web Site’s SEO Rankings Seeing that there are more than 20 billion web pages on the internet, the competition to get the best position on the Internet is huge.  It is vital to keep in mind that there is not a single SEO technique that will guarantee you the top ranking on a Google results page. However, if you combine strategic on-page and off-page tactics in the right manner, you will get much better results.  Search engine optimization is a very special skill, and to get the recipe right will take some time and practice.

There are various search engine optimization practices that you can use to noticeably improve ranking on the top search engines.  Social networking is one of these. Social networking websites have become more and more important as an online marketing method and a lot of people are starting to make use of it. Most people you know will probably already be a member of websites such as Facebook and Twitter – and both of them have proven to be very effective as online marketing tools, especially since Google has begun to index Twitter status updates.

YouTube, as well, is quickly becoming a very effective online marketing instrument, since it greatly boosts the number of visitors to your webpage due to the high ranking of videos on Google.  Using YouTube for SEO is one of the most effective and inexpensive techniques available currently.

Here are 3 strategies for using YouTube to boost your site’s SEO rankings:

1.  Complete the YouTube meta tag data.  YouTube is mostly used within the SEO context to get your website on the first page of Google rankings. The most popular videos on YouTube will appear on Google’s search results if it is properly constructed within the YouTube website. In return, when uploading your YouTube video, you may get a higher spot in the search engine results if you have entered the best keywords, descriptions and tags to help your target market find you.

2.  Embed your video on your site.  Another way to use YouTube for SEO is to embed your videos into your website content. If you embed the videos into your blogs or website, you increase the chances that more people will view your videos, which leads to a great increase in the popularity of your website, resulting in a higher search engine ranking.  Google prefers web pages that have embedded YouTube video content into their websites, and these pages will in most cases get higher rankings than ones without YouTube video content.

3.  Create your own YouTube channel.  Once you have some videos, you can construct your own keyword-rich YouTube channel to house your videos. This channel contains a link to your web page and therefore adds to the number of back links that point to your website. Why is that important?  Because the search engines favor one-way links back to your site from high traffic sites, and you get more search engine “juice” from such a link.

There are many ways in which you can use YouTube for SEO optimization. You must just make sure that your videos are well designed and constructed properly. Video marketing is drastically gaining ground over websites with just text content – and millions of people all over the world are watching YouTube on a daily basis.  This is definately a market and a strategy that you want to tap into today.



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