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Category Archives for Video Marketing

7 Easy Steps to Turn Blog Posts to Video

Want to turn blog posts to video? If this is a point in your content syndication strategy, it isn’t as difficult as you might think. Video is a powerful medium, and more and more people are relying

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7 Steps to Use Client Video Testimonials to Amplify Your Authority

Video testimonials from clients are a powerful way to add credibility to your business. Given that so many people have either webcams or smartphones with video capability at their disposal, it is pretty

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Video Marketing Tips: Get More Clients with Screencast Videos

Even though videos are one of the hottest Internet marketing strategies today and video marketing tips can be found everywhere, I have been very slow to jump on the video marketing bandwagon. Why?  Because

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Video Marketing: 8 Types of Video to Help with Authority Positioning

Are you a business owner looking for different ways in which you can use video marketing help in your authority positioning? Many service professionals are seeking ways that will help them better position

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Video Marketing: 5 Best Types of Video To Promote Your Online Business

Is video marketing part of your online marketing strategy yet? Until recently, it wasn’t part of mine, either.  Why?  Because what I had seen of video involved someone talking directly into a webcam.

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