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SpeedRank Your Videos

Do you have a video about your business that’s gathering dust on your desktop PC because you have no idea what to with it?  Or, do you have a video that’s been sitting on Youtube for 9 months

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Coolest Dad Ever!

Well, I didn’t watch much of the Superbowl.  My hubby had it on while he was in the living room.  I read a book as he watched it, and only paid attention to the commercials. The

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Video Hosting and Editing

Q:  What is a recommended software program to use to create and edit videos to place on a website or blog? Kelly Hi Kelly– Great question!  I'm just now exploring

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The Power of Video

Well,if I wasn't already convinced about the power of video, I'd definitely be a convert now., an online article directory, began a year or so ago to make videos from articles

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Are videos effective for selling services?

Q:  I offer Business Valuation Services – services that are of no interest to business owners – until they need it – and that may only be once in their lifetime. I also have a 4

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