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Virtual Fax options

Q:  I’m interested in receiving faxes via the computer/email even though I have an older fax machine that works well.  Someone suggested E-Fax to me — do you have any recommendations in this area?

A:  I’ve had a virtual fax since I started my biz–never invested in a "real" fax machine.

I initially began with Efax but they increased their prices, and I couldn’t get a local fax number.  I just went to their site and I *still" can’t get a fax number in my area code..:)

I see now that they offer an option to transfer your existing fax number to an efax acocunt–that might be worthwhile to consider.

In order to view their faxes, you have to download their software, btw.

Efax will permit you to get a free account for up to 20 faxes per month, but you can’t send through this account nor can you choose the location of your fax number, I don’t believe.

Here’s their product structure and their pricing structure

For several years now I’ve been using Maxemail.  I got a fax # in my area code, the faxes arrive as PDF files so I can forward them if needed to anyone, and there’s also free vmail attached to the fax number if you need it.

Here’s an overview of their services/fees.  I have the Plus account.

In this service (as well as Efax), there is a separate fee for outgoing faxes.  In Maxemail it’s roughly $.10 per page.  Most of my faxes cost $.20 – $.30 to send out.  They have you open a fax sending account with a minimum balance of $10, and that recharges off your credit card when the balance nears 0.

For whatever virtual fax service you’re using, you need to have a way to scan docs into your computer if what you’re facing isn’t generated from your computer (like an article you ripped out of a magazine and wanted to fax to a colleague).  I have a Visioneer scanner for this purpose, but I don’t really use it that much, as what little faxing I do is of docs that I’m creating from my computer.

For the $84/year that I have paid for this service over the years, I could have bought several fax machines, but I love the convenience of being able to get faxes despite my location (as long as I have access to email); I love the space that NOT have a fax machine frees up in my office; and I love that I don’t have to worry about phone connections or phone bills for a separate fax line,

Happy Faxing!


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