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Weekends for Business?

I'm feeling kind of drained and scattered this week because I spent the entire weekend at a virtual conference.  Granted, the info was great and I learned just what I need to move myself forward on the video front (more on that in another issue).  However, because of the extensive learning opportunities, there was little time left for me to simply chill and relax.

I've worked on weekends before, but don't remember the experience as something that completely monopolized my weekend.  I guess I have to attribute this feeling to the fact that I was learning a new skill set, so there was a learning curve involved.  And, when I'm choosing to work on the weekend in my business, I do so at my own pace, which I was unable to do with the conference, as there were set meeting times.

I suppose I could have easily skipped some of the structured meeting times — after all, the conference was virtual, and who would have known?  Well, I would have known, and I do know myself well enough to know that forcing myself to be on a live call will greatly increase my chances of listening to the call at all.  I'm not terribly accountable to myself here recently..LOL

I used to love to travel on weekends and go to conferences.  Now, I want my weekends to be about me (and Eric, as well, if he's not working).  I also used to complain about conferences being scheduled during the week and pulling me away from productive work time.  Well, those days are over..LOL

Bring on more relaxing weekends!

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