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Category Archives for Work/Life Balance

The Reconnaissance Mission

I get settled at Sean and Bethany’s (thanks for taking me in!) and take a much-needed shower.  Bethany fixed a great dinner, and we settled in for the night. I wanted to go to sleep early,

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The Journey to Houston

I get up around 8 AM Sunday morning and begin to pack my truck for my trip to Houston.  I’ve called Eric to tell him that I’m on my way, and he’s assured me that there are some

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The Morning After

9:00 AM rolls around, and it’s so dark that it appears to be just before dawn instead.  The wind is still blowing, but the temperature has dropped–it’s probably in the 70′s

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The Arrival of Rita

Sometime later, I heard some loud noises, like glass breaking and people in the hallway.  My sister opened our door again and told us we needed to gather our stuff and get to the safe wall immediately. 

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The Waiting Begins

Before it became dark, I had gone outside and the weather had changed dramatically.  The sky was overcast and full of clouds, and the wind was beginning to blow.  The waiting period began. 

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