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Writing Articles and Traffic Generation

Q:  How exactly does writing articles drive traffic to your site.  I understand the concept of linking your site in the articles, as well as your
"unique voice" and authority of subject matter, but no matter where and how I
look, I can’t seem to find an "article publishing service" that hits my
audience:  cat lovers.


A:  Hi Trisha–

There are a couple of strategies to keep in mind as you publish articles:

1.  using an article publishing service like Submit Your Article  will help you get your articles out all over the Internet in article banks and directories, which will help you increase your number of inbound links and ultimately traffic to your site.  Search for "Donna Gunter" (use the quotation marks) in Google and you’ll see what I mean. And, if someone searches for you online by name or even by topic, the use of such a service will make your reach vast, as the searcher will have found numerous references to you, instantly giving you "expert" status. This service has just added a pet category, which should help you get articles into pet-related ezines.

2.  If you have a niche where many of the ezines/magazines may not subscribe to any of the article distribution services, you’ll need to do some searches on your own to find the "cat" media. You could search Google for "cat ezines" or "cat magazines" or "cat newsletters".  In addition,  you might also search for an association of cat magazine publishers.  A client of mine in the horse industry found such an association for horse magazines, and between the online article submissions and sending articles directly to the publications that belong to this association, she is gaining great ground through article marketing.



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