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You Are What You Post

cabI just had a really unsettling experience this morning.   So much so that it really turned my stomach and completely floored me and created an immediate revulsion, I guess, to the person making the post.  And, the whole situation compelled me to write about it.

Perhaps revulsion is too strong a word.  Immediate dislike, perhaps?  Lost all tendency to value any professional advice she dispenses?  Definitely.

Let me explain.  I subscribe to waaay too many blogs.  Today, I actually got around to reading a few.  I went to one owned by someone who’s considered to be an expert in her field and read her post today.  It was an eye-opener.  Why?  Because she was angry about a situation and let it all hang out, using the F word (although modified with nonsense characters like you see in the comics) and various acronyms involving the word throughout her post.

And, mind you, this is her BUSINESS blog.

Trust me, I’m no saint, and have bouts with bad language that my mother wishes I wouldn’t use <g>, but there’s a time and place for everything.  I’m still kinda open-mouthed at what she wrote today.  Maybe because I’m older (43), maybe it’s that I’m southern, myabe it’s that my upbringing has instilled in me a modicum of what used to be called manners, but "showing her butt" (as my mom used to tell me that I did when I was a kid when I REALLY misbehaved) on her business blog was completely and totally unprofessional.

I realize that blogs provide much greater intimacy and details into people’s lives so that you no longer have to read someone’s journal to find out what’s really on their minds.  Sometimes, though, it’s simply TMI (Too Much Information).  Blogs are an incredible marketing tool for your biz, but I think sometimes that their power of immediacy is misused.  Wonder if she would have used that kind of language on her business card or in her business brochure?  My respect for her  has greatly diminished, which is unfortunate, as she appears to be very good at what she does.

It’s certainly made me more aware that I truly am what I post in this blog.

Or, maybe I’m just a prude a heart..:)

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